Terms and conditions

Effective on 1 June 2018

We, THE MOVING COMPANY Co., Ltd., a Vietnam limited liability company, offer luggage delivery and storage service to all customers (Traveler & Business man ..) to make them memorial experience in Vietnam.

Please find ‘Terms and Conditions’ carefully, before using our Homepage and Services. Regardless of whomever book the services, even though the booking was made by a Third Party or on behalf of a Customer, Customer agree to our Terms and Conditions.

‘Terms and Conditions’ is including all our service procedure & rule : the Collection, Deposit, and Transport of Luggage. If Customer does not accept ‘Terms and Conditions’, please do not use our Services. If Customer has a Booking that has been made on Customer’s behalf, please exercise Customer’s right to cancel Customer booking prior to Luggage Drop-off at the Hotel.

‘Terms and Conditions’ is a contract between THE MOVING COMPANY and Customer using our website (www.themovingvn.com) and our services : luggage delivery & storage.


1. Service

1.1 The Luggage handsfree services provided by THE MOVING COMPANY, is defined as collecting, storing and delivering luggage.

1.2 THE MOVING COMPANY’s Luggage Handsfree service has 3 ways :

-  From Airport To Hotel

-  From Hotel To Airport.

-  From Hotel To Hotel

2. How to use our Service

2.1 Customer is able to book our service through our homepage(www.themovingvn.com) or Chat Applications (Kakaotalk, What’s app, Line, Wechat...).

2.2 In case Hotel to Airport deliver service, Customer has to inform to us at least before THE TIME ; for customer to leave their luggage at Hotel(12:00 PM), or else THE MOVING COMPANY can decline the booking to save the other customer’s delivery schedule.

2.3 Booking only becomes effective after receiving confirm email or a confirmation notice via Chat Applications from THE MOVING COMPANY or our partnered hotels / agents.

3. Booking cancel

3.1 In case below, THE MOVING COMPANY has the right to decline booking our service. And THE MOVING COMPANY has to inform booking cancelation to customer by email or chat app

- Uncontrollable situation which is able to affect our operation : Natural disaster, Unpredicted incident, No show customer, Wrong address(if impossible to contact to customer)...

- The delivery might cause damage or delay to other luggage, equipment or personnel, or stuff prohibited by law.

3.2 Customer can cancel Booking at least before 12 hours from Luggage Drop-off time(12:00 P.M) by sending an email to ‘info@themovingvn.com’ or sending message through chat app. After receiving cancel confirmation from THE MOVING COMPANY, Customer cancellation will be effective.

3.3 Customer will receive full refund within 1 days from the moment cancellation is confirmed. If customer have paid by credit card, refund might take 10 working days because of card company’s system.

4. Principal parties and sub-contractors

4.1 The Customer contracts as the legal owner of Luggage or as the authorized agent of such legal owner in which case the Customer warrants that he or she has the authority to accept these Conditions on behalf of the legal owner.

5. Payment

5.1 The payment for our services can be paid in advance credit card(Visa, Master, American express..) online. Customers who use our services can make a payment online by credit card(Visa, Master, American express..) or offline(airport luggage storage booth) by cash.

6. Regulation for Luggage

6.1 When customer hands over their Luggage to us, customer well note all prohibited items (potential explosive, valuable, alive, illegal, perishable items and cell phone battery or any battery.. etc) which aren’t able to be inside the luggage. If customer disagrees with the notification, we have right to deny delivering and store customer’s Luggage.

6.2 Before luggage is stored in Airport Luggage Storage Booth, Airport Security Officer inspects the luggage to check out whether there are prohibited items or not. In the inspection, if there are any prohibited items, we reserve the right to search the luggage and take out those from luggage in customer’s absence. If customer does not agree with that, we aren’t able to store customer’s luggage without refund to the Customer. In respect of damages which happened for searching luggage, we shall not be liable for such damage.

 6.3 When customer hands their luggage to us, the Luggage must be closed and locked properly. Please ensure that we shall not be liable for any missing items or damage if the Luggage had not been closed and locked properly.

6.4 In case one customer order luggage more than one on behalf of other group member, we consider all luggage belong to the customer

6.5 We are able to cover only up to 11,000,000 VND per a luggage as a compensation for loss or damage. We do not take a responsibility for any luggage whose value exceeds the amount of 11,000,000 VND per piece. Please note that valuables must not be stored in luggage. Valuables include gold, jewelry, money, travel/official/business/nondisclosure or any important documents or identifications, laptop and any form of metal objects. If the items are stored in luggage, we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred to the items. In addition, prohibited items including explosive or flammable objects, fresh foods and living animals must not be stored in luggage.

7. Our Responsibility

7.1 We provide our Services with greatest care to ensure the customer’s luggage shall not be damaged during collection, storage, and delivery and to ensure the luggage is delivered to the right location.

7.2 If we fail to deliver the luggage to the right location on time due to events outside our control, we shall not refund to the customer. However if we fail to deliver the luggage to the right location on time because of our fault, we will refund payment to the customer.

7.3 Our responsibility shall begin from the point which we have taken the luggage at place the customer informed before.

7.4 Our responsibility for the customer’s luggage ends when the luggage is delivered to the place customer asked or the customer picks it up from our storage booth.

7.5 We shall not be responsible for loss and damage occurred to the luggage during hotel’s possession.

7.6 We shall not be responsible for loss and damage of the Luggage or of any items contained therein which has occurred before Customer hands over the luggage to us and after we hands over the luggage to the Drop-off Location (customer asked before).

8. Loss, Damage or Delay

8.1 We are liable for any loss of or damage to the luggage occurring while we have responsibility for delivery and storage according to Clause 7 above

8.2 We are liable for any delivery delay caused by negligence of us.

8.3 We shall be liable for the lost luggage with a maximum of 11,000,000 VND per piece of luggage, regardless of the value of the content that has been lost.

8.4 We are liable for damage to customer’s luggage which is occurred due to our fault or negligence. The customer must inform to us about their luggage’s damage immediately after the luggage has been delivered to the delivery location or customer pick it up at out storage booth.

8.5 Our liability for any loss or delay shall not exceed the amount of actual loss value unless agreement has been made previously in writing between the customer and us for a specific level of liability for such delay or loss.

9. Exception of our responsibility

9.1 In case we deliver and keep such items below, we do not take responsibility for any loss or damage occurring to the following items in the luggage:

– weapons or dangerous goods (guns, knife, scissors.. etc)

– living things (animals, plants.. etc)

– all vegetables and fruits, trees, flowers, perishable foods, frozen foods

– all perishable things

– fragile goods

– all portable electronic equipment

– all kind of battery (especially cell phone battery)

– All kind of commodities and valuable object such as diamond, gem, gold, money, bond and etc.

– Valuables such as watches, mobile phone, computer notebook, camera, etc.

9.2 We shall be relieved of all liability if such loss, damage or delay arising from the situation:

- Act of God

- Riot, civil commotion, strike, lockout from whatever cause

- Any consequence of war, act of foreign power, terrorism, requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority;

- Seizure or forfeiture under legal process; act, omission, misstatement or misrepresentation by the customer or other owner of the goods or by servants or agents of either of them;

10. Period of luggage storage

10.1 If customer does not pick up luggage from airport luggage booth within the period which customer informed before, we will charge additional storage fee to customer.

10.2 If customer does not pick up luggage from airport luggage booth for 30 days, we are able to disposal of the luggage without the customer’s permission.

11. Complain to us

Customer can complain about our service by sending email ‘info@themovingvn.com’ or sending message by chat applications(posted on www.themovingvn.com). Customer needs to ask compensation for any loss or damage of luggage, customer have to contact to us within 6 hours from the time that customer has received the luggage. We reserve right to refuse taking responsibility for damage, loss or delay if the claim is sent more than 6 hours later from the above point of time.

12. Customer’s responsibilities

12.1 To use our services, customer will be asked to fill in customer personal information : passport ID. When customer picks-up luggage, customer has to show the passport to verify ownership of the Luggage delivered.

12.2 Customer warrants that customer are responsible for the luggage and its content; and that inside the luggage there are no perishable items, possessions which is illegal by Vietnam Laws and International Laws, livestock, foodstuffs, and unprotected fragile items.

12.3 Customer must adhere to Vietnam Laws for not having illegal items in the Luggage. If customer’s items or customer’s Luggage were destroyed or taken away from Vietnam Officer, the damage or loss occurred is not our liability.

12.4 If there is any linkage claim direct or indirect to us for legal responsible all payment, compensation, legal cost shall be responsible and subject to customer.

12.5 Customer must have reasonable protection measures in place for fragile items and customer has ensured that it is safe for handling and transportation.

12.6 Customer have to declare the estimated value of the luggage and items contained in the luggage. In particular, customer must notify us well in advance, before the delivery is taken place, whether prohibited items or items which we do not take responsibility for delay, loss and delay, as above indicated, are contained in the luggage.

12.7 Customer have to well note all terms and conditions.

13. Customer’s compensation

The Customer shall compensate us against:

- Losses suffered by us arising from any negligent act, negligent omission, negligent misdirection or negligent misstatement by the Customer, his servants or agents;

- Claims of any nature for loss or damage resulting from the delivering of dangerous substances where the customer’s responsibilities have not been met;

- Claims and demands of any nature in respect of loss of or damage to the goods made by any Third Party additional to or in excess of the limits of liability of us.

- Any claims made or penalties imposed by the Commissioners of customs and Excise in respect of dutiable goods;

- Claims and demands made by a Third Party attributable to lack of authority on the part of the customer to enter into the Contract upon these Terms and Conditions.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All Terms and Conditions concluded by us shall be governed by the law of Vietnam and shall subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Vietnam.

Any queries, complaints, or suggestions are welcome which can be sent to  info@themovingvn.com

(For Customer): I have read all of the above Terms and Conditions. I understand and unconditionally accept and agree with the Terms and Conditions and have waived right to challenge or refute and shall not refute to such terms and conditions for whatsoever circumstances and reasons.

15. Customer's information Security Policy:

Confidentiality of all information and terms of transactions in orders including: personal information and card information, information on transactions. All this information will not be disclosed for third- part unless authorities required.


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